The “Energy Savvy”Window

Fenergic offers an expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry. That’s why contractors and architects have been choosing us for nearly 70 years.

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The Multi-Plex Specialist

Fenergic offers a turnkey service for your most ambitious multi-dwelling projects. Our expertise and our products are specially designed to clad residential buildings up to 25 floors. Contact one of our experts for your building project!

The Multi-Plex Specialist The Multi-Plex Specialist

Custom Windows

Our promess: windows that are both elegant and structurally flawless. Thanks to our know-how, our windows ensure originality and reliability, at the best quality-price ratio.

Doors That Fit Your Needs

Looking for superior technical and energy performance? Available in a wide range of colors, models and materials, Fenergic doors are a guarantee of style, security and strength.

Your Projects Partner

Our team works directly with construction industry professionals to develop ambitious projects from Coast-to-Coast and from the North Pole to the Caribbean seas. Our on-site experience brings added value for the contractors, the architects and all other building specialists.


Always delivered on a just-in-time (JIT) process, our products are designed to withstand all weather conditions, regardless of the number of floors.

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Egress-Emergency Exit Window

Our ingenious casement emergency exit system with astragal meets national building code requirements, while allowing unparalleled freedom in the choice of basement windows.

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It's not a work place like the others : it's a family business where you can have fun while working and undertake new challenges.

You Will Love This Place.

From fathers to sons and from fathers to daughters! 2 generations work together in our factory. The “work-family balance” approach, the human dimension, flexible shifts, the possibility of taking on challenges: discover what sets us apart.


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Technical Support

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We guarantee the durability of our products. Our manufacturing processes include rigorous quality control, so you can have peace of mind. In the event of a problem, our technical support service will work with you to quickly remedy the situation.

To request a part or to enquirer about a warranty coverage, please fill the Service request Form.