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Équipements à la fine pointe de la technologie

porte patio fusion

Fusion Patio Door

The most affordable patio door

Fenêtre Sortie de secours Fenergic

Emergency exit window

Conforms to safety standards for the basement.

Projets réalisées avec les produits Fenergic

Photo Gallery

Pictures of projects made ​​with our products.

Tilt-Turn Window

This European inspired window is built right here in Canada. Opening inward either verticaly on the side hinges or horizontaly on the bottom hinges, this product will charm you by it’s elegence and versatility.

Offered in standard white PVC or in a range of colors on it’s aluminium Hybrid version, TheTilt-Turn window and door with its multipoint locks and its strong structural profiles is the ultimate choice for a luxurious looking home. 

Fenêtre Vision MV Hybride (MD)

Moins de cadre, plus de verre...

Avec 15% plus de surface vitrée que ses compétiteurs, la Vision MV(MD) permet de profiter de l'élégance et la versatilité de l'aluminium en conservant le confort et la chaleur du PVC à l'extérieur.

Vision PVC Window

The welded frame of the Vision PVC allows us to create many shapes and sizes for this window.

The weatherstripping is extruded within the outside edge of the window casement for better comfort and easy maintenance.

AL13 Aluminium Window

The revolutionary AL13 takes the Aluminium window to another level

All aluminium windows create a thermal bridge between the exterior and the interior: it will drag the cold temperature of the exterior into your interior space, resulting in a cold room and an higher electricity bill.
But NOT the AL13!

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