Family Ties, in our DNA since 1953

Fenergic is not a workplace like no other, it is a family business where work and camaraderie coexist . Come and discover what makes us different! - Céline Desharnais, production coordinator

You'll love this place!

A human-scale work environment, flexible shifts, challenges that motivate you, a competitive salary... We have everything to make you happy at work!

A True Work-Family Balance Philosophy

Having time to take the kids to daycare or school before starting work is possible thanks to family-friendly shifts.

We respect your privacy

At Fenergic, we don't call you at the last minute to ask you to come back on the floor. If you are offered the opportunity to work evenings or weekends, you always have the choice to say no.

Good people

Young people, senior workers, guys, girls... The Fenergic team is diverse and everyone respects each other. Some are even second-generation employees who work alongside their parents.

Routine or Challenge? : Your Call.

I started working at Fenergic as a summer student-worker and eventually joined the production line where my father worked. Mr. Beauchesne has always encouraged the promotion of his employees from within. When I wanted to try my luck with the sales team, the team once again supported and guided me. Today, I look at my son and daughter who are in turn a worker-student at Fenergic and I am proud of what they’re potential is.
Raphael Doyon, sales representative
If you are a versatile person who likes to do everything, you will not be bored with the Fenergic team. You prefer established routines? We respect your need for stability. It's simple: we adapt to your personality.
Ghislain Cossette, Director of Engineering and Production
Our team is an integral part of our success. The work of our employees makes us proud and we make it our duty to make them proud to work at Fenergic.
Pierre Beauchesne, President
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