Fenergic is a canadian, privately owned company founded in 1953, specialized in designing, manufacturing et distributing doors and windows. Fenergic sells its products mainly to auto-constructors, general contractor and architects anywhere in Québec, in Ontario, Western provinces and in France. The company currently has 2 manufacturing plants and a Warranty Service Center.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machineries, Fenergic designs and manufactures custom made products to fulfill the customer's special needs. Even more, Fenergic has an engineering department that, in collaboration with our most demanding customer, design and creates new products for the most challenging projects.

And last but not least, Fenergic is one of the few manufacturers in Quebec that produces its own IG units, a synonym of peace of mind and reasonable delivery times.

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Company timeline

Le Groupe Fenergic, specialized in mass production of customized doors and windows, was founded in 1953 by M. Léo Beauchesne in Warwick, Québec. In 1984, M. Pierre Beauchesne, Alumnus of the École Polytechnique de Montréal Engineering school, replaced his father as the CEO and owner of the Company. Knowing Fenergic's potential, he soon made major administrative and operational adjustments, while doubling its production capacity. In 1987, Fenergic's success was so great that it uses all of available land at its current location and was crowned, the same year, Small and Medium Size business of the year.

With a limited space to sustain its great success, Fenergic invested 2.5M$ in 1990 in equipments at a new factory in Victoriaville (Québec). This second factory was known at the time as the most high-tech door and windows production plant in North America, confirming Fenergic as an industry leader. En 1996, le Groupe Fenergic decided to relocate all of its facilities in one site in Warwick.

In 1999, Fenergic developed a truly revolutionary window: the Vision MV Hybrid made from wood, steel, aluminum and PVC. Its popularity was so intense that it propelled Fenergic as one of the greatest door and window manufacturer in Québec. To sustain this success, Fenergic invests 1M$ in a brand new factory in Laval, closer to its main market.

In September 2008, le Groupe Fenergic proudly announced an investment in the form of a new 56000 sq. ft. building on a 400 000 sq. ft space in Warwick. Moving its Laval factory and drastically increasing its production capacity, Fenergic's project was made necessary to maintain the 10% increase in sales since 2000. Furthermore, Fenergic invested in a Service Center in Laval to increase efficiency of its after sale and service department.

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