A window specifically created for this purpose

The standards in the construction industry impose that certain windows respect a minimum emergency opening size. Knowing that sometimes the available space is reduced, Fenergic developed a casement window with astragal which meets the requirements of the article 9.9.10 of the National Building Code. It is our way of offering you more freedom in your choice of window.

Because your safety is important

When it comes to escape windows or doors to evacuate a room, the article 9.9.10 of the National Building Code presents 5 requirements, among which 2, determine the operation and the minimal size of an emergency exit (Egress). It is your responsibility to verify that your installations answer 3 other criteria.

Link to National Building Code of Canada ( 2010 ) web site 2010 ) web site

Click the following video ( YouTube ) to see the details of this emergency exit window ( Egress ) built at our plant.