Absolutely ! Contact one of our expert representatives as soon as you start drawing your plans. They will gladly assist you and provide you with ingenious tips to make your project your dream come true.

Although you can technically buy directly from us, we invite you to communicate with your general contractor or renovation contractor to place an order. However, take note that you will always be warmly welcomed by our sales representatives. They can help you make your selection and provide you with valuable information.

Our representative can assits your in the choice and configuration of our products. You will have access to our complete technical catalogue and to our engineering support. You will than be able to offer your consumer with innovative products, with a performance certification, at a price without surprises. Much more than a only a door and window supplier, Fenergic is a partner to your project.


Fenergic is mainly a manufacturer and distributor for doors and windows. Our installation teams are specialized in installation and replacement of doors in windows in heavy residential project, like condominiums or high rise building. However, we invite you to consult your sales representative that can provide with a list of trusted contractors.

We invite you to consult Fenergic's installation document on this matter. This document will guide you for a successful installation conform to the National Building Code.


Fenergic's screens are easily adjustable. Please refer to the Fenergic's Screens Adjustment Manual.

Downloadable documents :

Each Fenergic's windows are rigorously tested at the end of the manufacturing process. However, after the installation, normal movement of the building can slightly modify the position of the windows, causing the difficulties you. Do not worry! Fenergic's windows are designed and manufactured to be adjusted after installation. Please refer to the Fenergic's Windows Adjustment Manual.

Downloadable documents :

Steel doors and patio doors

Fenergic's screens are easily adjustable. Please refer to the Fenergic's Screens Adjustment Manual.

Downloadable documents :

Please refer to the Fenergic's multi-point locking system Manual.

Downloadable documents :


Contact any local key maker for a key double. Our locks are Schalge © compatible and can be replaced easily by any professional.

Humidity and condensation

Humidity deposit on the inside of the IG unit is a natural phenomenon and is absolutely normal. Please consult the SCHL document for a complete understanding of the situation. You will also find in this document the main sources of humidity in your house.

The colder it gets outside, the more the inside humidity (vapor) will go on your IG units. Increasing the inside temperature will only make the water go back to vapor, than go back once again to water as soon as you lower the temperature. Don't forget, it is not the windows that "creates" water: the water goes on the IG units surface because it is the coldest surface on the wall.

How do you reduce the symptoms? Consult the SCHL document to learn easy and fast ways to reduce the humidity level. In the same document, you will learn that you should not go over 50% during summer time, and gradually reduce to 25% at -30 degrees Celsius.

If your hygrometer indicates a normal level of relative humidity yet you still have problem, it might be necessary to calibrate your tool. Follow the SCHL easy instructions to calibrate it.

If you still have problem and you relative humidity seems to be controlled, do not hesitate to contact your general contractor for more information. You can also contact our after sales department for more information.

Downloadable documents :


Please refer to our warranty section to know all the details. Still in doubt? Do not hesitate to contact our after sale department.

First of all, take a look a Windows FAQ section for simple method for adjusting our products. Unsuccessful? If you have a new house or condo and/or you Fenergic doors and windows have just been installed, we strongly advise you to talk directly with your contractor. He will indicates you what needs to be done. If needed, he will contact us to order parts or send a technician. If your products are less recent or you don't know who installed them, do not hesitate to contact directly our after sales department.

In the design of our products, we try to use, as much as possible, standard hardware. That means that you can most probably buy this hardware at any glazier in your region. We invite you to consult the Yellow Pages under Glazier.

Any local glazier can replace our sealed units. Obviously if the unit is still under warranty, you must contact our after sales department to make the replacement. Please take note that Fenergic doesn't offer any emergency 24hours service. In case of emergency, we invite you to consult the regional Yellow Pages under Glazier.