Aluminum Casement Window

Meets National Building Code div. (combustible windows in a non-combustible building). If you are looking superior technical and energy-efficient performance, at a very competitive price, opt for our aluminum casement windows. The AL13 aluminum window allows you to create a modular casement window that is both robust and durable. Our window thermally broken structural aluminum is ultra-efficient. Its integrated reinforcement eliminates the thermal bridge, for perfect adaptation to temperature fluctuations. It is therefore ideal for the weather conditions of Quebec.

Slim structural frame. The narrowest frame on the market.

High-performance thermal break. Integrated reinforcement.

Superior energy-efficient performance

Very competitive price

Vision MV-Hybrid Casement Window

Combining the insulating properties of PVC and the rigidity of aluminum, the Vision MVMC hybrid window is the perfect example of the fusion between engineering and design. Resolutely modern, this window allows you to ensure originality and reliability to your project, without compromising your budget. Opt for this window for fenestration that is both elegant and structurally impeccable!

Available Colors

Our windows are available in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and colors. Here are our most popular colors :

Up to 25 floors

The Best Value for your Money

Exceptionally large dimensions

Slimmer frame gives you more glass

Vision PVC Casement Window

Cousin of our hybrid Vision MVMC window, the Vision PVC casement window will impress you with its look and its competitive price. Choose elegance and exclusivity by opting for this product!

Superior energy-efficient performance

The Best Value for your Money

Exceptionally large dimensions

Slimmer frame gives you more glass

Hybrid Sliding Window & Hybrid Single-Hung Window

The hybrid single sliding window system combines the best of both worlds: the aesthetics and durability of aluminum combined with renowned energy efficiency and ease of installation maintenance offered by PVC products.

If you are looking for fenestration with exceptional performance, available in a wide variety of shapes, opt without hesitation for our hybrid single sliding window. The hybrid series allows you to carry out your projects without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

Available colors

In addition to our most popular colors, you can choose colors from our the entire Sico palette. Ask us about it!

Rigid PVC sliding shutter with ¾” double panes sealed unit.

Lift handle integrated to the shutter

Double weatherstripping for an optimal watertightness

Shutters on rollers for easy sliding

Single PVC Sliding Window

An unbeatable price, a multitude of options, undeniable manufacturing quality: our PVC tilting sash window is the perfect choice for industry professionals looking for a classic look to a lower cost. Opt for this window and give a classic look to your building project, a look that never disappoints!

Inward tilting sash opening for easy cleaning Latches

Secure Night Catch

Double sliding window & Double Hung Window

Also available in single format. Tested and certified, our PVC sliding window does not skimp on performance. Its low price is the result of our excellence in terms of production capacity and not of a compromise on quality. It is thanks to our know-how that our windows ensure originality and reliability, at the best quality-price ratio.

4 1/2” welded rigid PVC frame with built-in “J” moulding

Meets CSA-CAN-A440-M90 standard

Wide variety of options available

Center lock for more security

Egress Windows

Fenergic has developed a casement window with astragal which complies with the minimum emergency opening imposed by the National Building Code in terms of evacuation. This ingenious emergency exit system meets the standard Egress, while allowing an unrivaled choice of windows for the bedrooms in the basement. Opt without any hesitation for the emergency exit by Fenergic!

Ideal for small spaces

Offers an opening of 0.35 m2

Creates an emergency opening in only 15 seconds

Meets the requirements of article 9.9.10 of the National Building Code

Marquise Window

The Marquise range of tilt-and-turn windows was developed for the North American residential, commercial and institutional markets. Available in hybrid or PVC version, this high-end multifunctional window offers high structural performance and allows you to obtain superior thermal performance thanks to the 25 mm triple glass. Choose these high-end windows for your construction project!

Available Colors

Our windows are available in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and colors. Here are our most popular colors :

Passivhaus-compliant design and manufacturing

Meets LEED® certification requirements

Energy Star® certification for North American areas

Manufactured according to eco-design and life cycle management principles

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