Egress Windows

Fenergic has developed a casement window with astragal which complies with the minimum emergency opening imposed by the National Building Code in terms of evacuation. This ingenious emergency exit system meets the Egress standard, while allowing an unrivaled choice of windows for basement bedrooms. Get in touch with us for more information on our products or to take advantage of our know-how in window manufacturing.

Ideal for small spaces

Offers an opening of 0.35 m2

Creates an emergency opening in only 15 seconds

Meets the requirements of article 9.9.10 of the National Building Code

Available colors

Our Egress emergency exit system is available in a wide range of colors.

Egress standards for basement windows in Quebec

The basement window must be accessible and have a simple mechanism so that a child or adult can easily open the door or window in an emergency.

The basement window is a means of egress, so it must open from the inside without a key, without tools, without removing the sash or without special knowledge in order to allow all residents of the building to make use of it.

The area of the window opening must be at least 3.77 square feet and its height or width must be at least 15 inches.

The window must easily provide access to the outside and must open in the direction of travel. When installing, it is important to ensure that the window remains open without additional support means. At least 760 mm of clearance in front of the basement window, outside, otherwise a coping must be dug to comply with this rule.

At Fenergic, our basement windows in Quebec guarantee optimal operation in the event of emergency. For any questions or additional information regarding our basement windows, contact Fenergic!

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Fenergic's Egress window is proof that security and aesthetics can coexist.

Fenergic products are independently tested and approved by

NAMI National Fenestration Rating Council Energy Star
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