Aluminum Casement Window

Meets National Building Code div. (combustible windows in non-combustible buildings). Are you looking for superior technical and energy-efficient windows at a very competitive price? The AL13 aluminum window allows you to create a modular casement window that is both strong and durable. Our structural aluminum window with our unique ultra efficient thermal break. The built-in, isolated steel reinforcement eliminates thermal bridging, allowing it to adapt perfectly to temperature fluctuations.

Slim structural frame. The narrowest frame on the market.

High-performance thermal break. Integrated reinforcement.

Superior energy-efficient performance

Very competitive price

Vision MV-Hybrid Casement Window

Combining the insulating properties of PVC and the rigidity of aluminum, the Vision MV hybrid window, the mother of all hybrid windows, is the perfect fusion of engineering and design. Resolutely modern, this window ensures originality and reliability on your project, without compromise on your budget.

Available Colors

Our windows are available in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and colors. Here are our most popular colors :

Up to 25 floors

The Best Value for your Money

Exceptionally large dimensions

Slimmer frame gives you more glass

Performance in Action

See how exceptionally strong the Vision MV is when tested to CSA/A440; it withstands pressure equivalent to a category 5 hurricane!

Vision PVC Casement Window

The Vision MV’s all vinyl version, the Vision PVC casement window will impress you with its look and its competitive price.

Superior energy-efficient performance

The Best Value for your Money

Exceptionally large dimensions

Slimmer frame gives you more glass

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